What is a rainstick?

A rainstick is an instrument that sounds like rainfall. “Rain” in a rainstick consists of many small pebbles, seeds, sand, or the like. These are contained in a vessel that has spikes or sticks pierced through for the “rain” to fall and strike when flipped upside down. All of those little impacts add up to a wash of sound that is soothing and emulates rainfall. The idea of the rainstick is likely an ancient one, and traditional examples are made out of naturally-found cylinders: hollow cacti, bamboo, and other natural tubes. Rainstick Dreams® offers a modern spiral twist on the rain instrument concept. One thing all rainsticks have in common is they are easy to play—you just flip them over!

I experimented making rainsticks in 2012 when I was a master’s student in music in The Hague, Netherlands. Inspiration came from a discarded mailing tube, as I thought, “Already halfway to being a rainstick!” My early attempts, however, left something to be desired—both sonically and visually. Years of rebuilding and reimagining has led them to their current design, of a pleasing spiral sounds™ instrument with limitless possibilities.

I hope you enjoy the song of the spiral sounds® rainsticks. I’ve let it lead my dreams; let it lead you into yours!

—Noah Rectenwald

Owner, Rainstick Dreams®