Q: How loud are the rainsticks?

A: Here's a breakdown from softest to louder:

Poppy Seed is VERY soft. 46 dB from 1 ft away.

Amaranth is soft. 54 dB from 1 ft.

Glass Microbeads are medium loud. 63 dB from 1 ft.

*Videos are in their descriptions when you click on an item from the shop.

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Q: How did you learn to make these?

A: Mostly good old fashioned trial and error over the past 13 years. Also, bassoon reed making, though completely different, taught me how to use an array of tools towards a musical end.

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Q: Can they really stand up on their own?

A: We'll answer this in 2 parts:

i) We make collapsible Stands (sold separately) for Large and Extra Large Spiral Sounds® Rainsticks to ensure they stay standing on mostly even surfaces like: hard floors, carpet, grass, and sand. We recommend a Stand for added safety while using a rainstick.

ii) The rainsticks are made to stand on smooth, level surfaces, but it takes a moment to safely steady a rainstick once flipped. Every rainstick we make stands upright on its own, and completes at least 1 cycle of flow on each end, during the making process. On carpet and less hard surfaces, the best way to keep a rainstick upright is by using one of our Stands.

All rainsticks are top-heavy once flipped and gradually get a lower center of gravity as the fill flows down. In order to prevent an accidental fall, ensure the rainstick is well-balanced at all times. The best solution to keep a rainstick upright is to use one of our Stands.

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Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Some international shipping is already set up, and we have plans to expand. Please note that international sales are final once shipped. Customers outside of the USA are responsible for all import and customs fees and taxes charged by your country.

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Q: What about returns?

A: Customer satisfaction is our priority! Reach out to us via email at info@rainstickdreams.com within 30 days, and you will be guided through the return process. We'll provide a prepaid return shipping label and refund you when we receive the product back in its original condition. If the item is not in its original condition when we receive it, we will not refund your money. International orders are final once shipped and excluded from our return policy.

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Q: Can I eat the amaranth/poppy seeds contained in the rainstick? You say they’re organic.

A: Do not eat any of the contents of spiral sounds® rainsticks. While the food product was produced organically, the rainstick building process has rendered them not food safe. 

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Q: (with enthusiasm) What if instead of the sticks you had ____ and instead of seeds you have ____ and then _____________________________! Wouldn’t that be cool?

A: Yes, that’d be really cool!


Noah and Jaclyn of Rainstick Dreams