Noah is the principal designer and creator of our rainstick instruments and stands. He first experimented with building rainsticks in 2012. At the time, he was a Master’s student in Composition, living in The Hague, Netherlands, where the Dutch taste for design and efficiency impacted his creative output. Over the next 7 years, Noah’s handmade instruments evolved into the clear, long duration rainstick with the visible spiral that Rainstick Dreams® is known for today. Noah is a multidisciplinary artist, trained in classical music, and a self-taught abstract painter. Always eager to experiment with new materials and ideas, he enjoys cooking and skateboarding. Noah considers the song of the Spiral Sounds® rainstick to be his most masterful composition. He let it lead his dreams; let it lead you into yours!


Jaclyn is the key administrator and head of customer service. She designed our carrying bags and conceived of the Rendezvous® rainstick. Her background in the arts includes writing, specialty retail, and events management. She has had the privilege of working with many talented Pittsburgh artists, and enjoys being part of the local maker community. Jaclyn loves projects that combine creativity, problem solving, and connecting with people; Rainstick Dreams® has been her most rewarding project yet.